Bedroom Kandi by DanaBella is excited to join The Pursuit of Pleasure Festival as a proud co sponsor!

At Bedroom Kandi, our mission is to de-stigmatize intimacy & self-love, promote sexual wellness & education, and empower entrepreneurs to find success & happiness in the business of pleasure.

Bedroom Kandi was founded in 2011 by award-winning singer/songwriter, Real Housewife, and entrepreneur Kandi Burruss in conjunction with intimate toy developers Brian and Suki Dunham.  In 2012, the home party side of the business hit the scene, with a mission to empower people, both sexually and financially.

Dana joined the Bedroom Kandi team in December 2013  and has enjoyed helping people take control of their own pleasure for the past 7 years. 

Bedroom Kandi by DanaBella is pleased to offer all festival attendees a PLEASURABLE discount on specially selected products available through a special *Pursuit of Pleasure link *                             

There is no need for a code, your discount of between 15-20% is built in!

View the complete online catalog at:  If you are interested in being a consultant, having a virtual party or have a just have a question, please email:

As we continue to grow and expand into not just an intimate toy line, but an entire lifestyle company, we are dedicated to elevating others, improving relationships, and fostering successful careers. Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself or change your life, Bedroom Kandi has you covered.

findmysexpert are delighted to sponsor The Pursuit of Pleasure Festival curated by Sacred Light Tantra.

The festival illustrates our core values of Collaboration, Celebration and Education.

At findmysexpert we believe your body, sex life and relationships matter! that’s why we only feature experienced and certified professionals on our platform. 

We are the first global platform to feature practitioners from all backgrounds of sex and relationship support. 

You’ll find the Festival Facilitators and many more skilled professionals and interesting events at

Enjoy all the festival has to offer and we wish you well in your Pursuit of Pleasure.  

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findmysexpert features Events, Workshops and Festivals worldwide, all year round by certified professionals within all fields of sexuality support. 

We invite you to explore our site as we know there will be something to piqué your interest.

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