Dr Susan Kaye


Dr. Susan Kaye is a sexual well-being specialist with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality.  She has 30 years of experience as a somatic practitioner, beginning in 1985 when she worked and studied with the Sex Research team of Masters & Johnson. 

She has expertise as a tantra teacher, bodywork practitioner, massage therapist, and yoga instructor. She also has 20 years of working in the sexual health field as a Sexologist, Sex Coach, and Sex Educator. Susan believes that offering clients total mind-body wellness is essential to connecting them with talk therapists as well as somatic experts to support them to embody fully the healing they are seeking.

The Secrets to your Sexual Response Cycle

In the 1960’s the human sexuality researchers William  Masters & Virginia Johnson (known as Masters & Johnson were wiring people up to read their responses to various levels of touch and sensations.  

This mental and physical information informed the sexuality field of the longing for contact and connection, called desire (mental).  They studied the cause of “turn-ons” that feed the physical need for contact and connection and called this building of the plateau (physical).  They followed this to the goal and release of orgasm which is then culminated by the resolution phase which informs us of the affects and whether or not we seek to repeat this cycle (emotions).  This scientific work proved one thing: the ageless truth of the ancient pearls of wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. Humanity is the gift of the opportunity to dance in a body fully engaged minus shame and guilt with a mind open to freedom and bliss that aligns with a spirit that transcends the supposed boundaries, and rises us to the ultimate connection to self and others.