Simon Feely

Simon is a practitioner of Divine Empowerment and a specialist in dissolving trauma. After a major life trauma he temporarily experienced life without the emotional shackles of the past and began exploring how we can all learn to access our fullest selves. He trained extensively in therapeutic modalities, particularly sexuality, before discovering the world of energy work.

His passion is to bring the incredible tools he’s learned for releasing trauma into the world of sexuality where the potential for healing deep wounds is profound.


In this ground-breaking workshop we will remove some of the most common blocks to pleasure and relating. We all know that the opposite of pleasure is pain, and it’s our emotional pain from the past that usually has the biggest impact on our capacity for pleasure and depth of relationship. Our psyche is shaped by our experiences, all the way back to our birth, and we become primed to repeat patterns; this is particularly true of our patterns around sexuality. Most of us had childhoods which were difficult in some way, whether we consciously realise it or not. This is affecting us today in ways we may not fully realise. For example it’s common for young parts of us to feel that we don’t deserve pleasure, even if in other ways our life is successful.

Our historical trauma not only holds us back emotionally, but it may also be evident as physical pain or numbness – both of which are inhibitory for pleasure. Dissolving that trauma often leads to improvement of such physical symptoms.

In the workshop you will be invited to feel your own personal wounds around a number of common emotional themes. When you feel it we can dissolve that trauma from your energy system with the Divine Empowerment Big Eraser.

We also play with some Divine Empowerment tools for making us more grounded and relaxing our nervous system.