Katarina Amadora

Katarina is a Holistic Health and Intimacy Coach who works with Mind, Body and Spirit to create the environment where transformation is possible. She began as a Western MD, however now prefers an integrative approach. She is certified as a WildFit Coach, A Rapid Transformational Therapist, and a Sarasa Tantra Group Facilitator. She is an International Bestselling author who has published 6 books on the Ignite platform including Ignite your Life for women, Ignite your Health and Wellness and Ignite your Adventurous Spirit, Ignite Female Change Makers, Ignite your Modern Goddess and Ignite Love. Katarina is the creator of Sanctuary, an Online Intentional Community which provides emotional support during these challenging times. Her private event space known as Temple Amadora hosts both Virtual and Live events. Katarina enjoys coaching private clients as well as couples and utilizes her deep toolkit to help her clients achieve their goals and live a life of health and vibrancy. She would love to help you achieve a lasting transformation in your life, please contact her for a complementary consultation. https://letsmeet.io/amadoratransformations/free-consultation

The Sacred Art of Flirtation

This workshop gives you  a chance to dive in deeply together and connect in a really playful way.  We begin with my signature philosophy on the nature of flirtation.  This highly interactive workshop consists of an experiential journey through the Chakras. Katarina combines large and small group dynamics which allow you  to experiment with different energies of connection. We will use breakout rooms to interact with each other and to practice working with each of these energies. As we reframe flirtation as “Attention without Intention” we learn to let go of attachment to outcome and shift the focus to how we can light the other person up and create juicy moments of connection with another beautiful soul.