Jade Lotus

My passion is to explore the potential of the natural energy that exists in our bodies to advance the human experience. These energies were understood and well documented by the Taoists millennia ago and this system is still in use today benefiting the lives of potentially over a billion people who use acupuncture, chi kung and tai chi.

My mission is to facilitate and empower others to be able to discover their energy and the power that knowing and understanding their energy can give them, so that their path can be a fuller experience of the bliss that lies in fulfillment.

I work with vital energy, life force and sexual energy to heal the physical body. I work to awaken the energy so that it flows in it’s natural rhythm, opening my clients not just to their physical and creative potentials, but also to the optimum and full experience of pleasure and bliss. I use ancient Taoist and Tantric techniques with the understanding and awareness of modern science to create practical solutions for people of the 21st Century.


Did you know that relaxation is the key to pleasure? By learning to fully relax and come to be present in our bodies we are able to release blockages that are stopping us from experiencing our true pleasure potential. Tensions can form through unresolved emotions that we store in our bodies, and this stops our energy from flowing.

Energy flow is the key to experiencing pleasure. Babies will smile and giggle with pleasure at a simple touch, but often we cringe from touch simply because our bodies are so tense. There are three ways to remove tension from the body, breath, sound and movement.

In this session, we will use breath and sound to learn to fully come into our bodies and to relax and allow the energy to flow. Through relaxation, we are able to access our energy that flows through our meridians and it’s this flow that makes us feel revitalised, happy and pleasurable.

Did you know that to experience a full body orgasm, all you actually need to do is fully relax? Energy flows through relaxed tissues, it gets stuck in tense areas. A full body or energy orgasm is simply energy coursing through our meridians and body. Not only does having such a relaxed state allow us to feel great, it’s also incredibly healing.

When the body is stuck in flight or fight, we do not heal. By learning to switch our body into relax and enjoy mode, we are able to experience full pleasure and to heal our body at the same time.