Dr Graham Stevenson

I am an Intimacy Coach helping people to connect with their bodies, their desire and with others. I work online coaching both individuals and couples with issues around sex and relationships. I also work in-person using massage and sensate touch exercises with those who want to learn how to give and receive pleasure. This developed out of my own interests around sexuality and through dealing with challenges in my long term relationship where both of us kept confronting issues around guilt and shame. I base my work around a foundation of safety and consent and therapeutic frameworks. I also believe in the embodied wisdom of our unconscious and encourage intuition to have a voice in the process. This means sessions are often very individual with spontaneous turns that are often inspired. I have found the result is a more holistic experience and outcome.

Shame in the Pursuit of Pleasure

In this workshop, we will learn about shame and come to realise how it manipulates our behaviour unless we build a good relationship with it.

As we learn about the essential nature of shame we will see how it unconsciously influences our lives through society, religion and family culture.  We will be invited to explore the kinds of things that shame us and be encouraged to identify any recognisable shaming messages we may have received.  When we sit with our shame and question it we will see how to tell the difference between toxic and healthy shame.  We will then take the first step to being free from toxic shame.

From this place, we will be invited to go into an experience to feel what it is like to be free from shame and hold the ground we have just won.  We will also learn about how healthy shame works to keep us congruent and integrated, with a brief introduction to identifying our core values.