Dr Francois

Dr Lee-Anne Francois-Dornbusch is a transformation and integration specialist. With 26 years of formal training, she is a naturopathic medical doctor, board certified bodyworker, certified hypnotherapist, intuitive spiritual healer, cannabis researcher and educator, chef, sexual shaman and mother of four (one Deaf). She works to support ascension of the soul, integrating mind-body-heart-soul therapies focusing on nature, plant medicines and sacred sexuality. She provides home refuge retreats, programs, support groups, and one-on-one care emphasizing autonomy, authenticity, self-empowerment and the need for reflection in personal growth. She works with Men’s Health, Trauma, Oppressed Groups, and the trans community. She hosts the podcast “Naturopathic Life and Living” found on many platforms, and writes for XBIZ and Sexual Health Magazines.


As we enter the festival and welcome our guests and facilitators, we will be creating an atmosphere for exploration of the mind, body, heart and soul; inviting the opportunity to expand your capacity for pleasure. Join me as I guide you through a sensory awareness meditation creating a haven for the upcoming weekend that can be incorporated into a simple daily practice bringing pleasure consciously to the forefront of your life, able to integrate the weekend into the coming season and ease the inevitable changes of your world! Welcome, and Enjoy!”


The past year has brought about many challenges. As we round the bend towards finishing up the weekend (& moving into winter), we have time to reflect on all of the challenges we have had to face, and have yet to overcome. As we sit in contemplation we can release ourselves from the pains and relish in our joys- as we know both can exist at the same time causing a bit of chaos within our nervous systems.

Our Letting Go Ritual will give us the opportunity to recognize and release our difficulties and transform their energies into the ethers.

Please come prepared to explore your challenges and transform them into the light through an experiential sounding, breathwork, moving embodiment practice.


In this session Dr Francois will take us through an integration of our journey over the past few days.  We will reflect on what we will take away from the festival and what our next steps are in The Pursuit of Pleasure.  

We finish the festival with celebration, gratitude, integration and reflection of our shared journey with pleasure over this past weekend.