Colin Richards

Fundamentally I am an educator and problem solver in the world of sexuality and relationships. By combining my knowledge of sexual psychology with my skill as a sensual masseur people come to see me to transform their sex lives and relationships. Sexual frustrations, lack of experience, lack of intimacy, sexual performance challenges, fear of sex or even boredom and low libido are all aspects I work with replacing them with new experiences, insights and techniques in lovemaking and sexual fulfilment. Working full time in this field since 2005 I have discovered and use various different approaches that are not generally covered by conventional methods, to help people in this intimate part of their life

Psychology of Attraction

Do you ask yourself…..
Why do I always meet the same type of guy /girl; end relationships the same way; feel afraid of commitment; feel in need of security; get great sex but lousy life partners; meet nice guys/girls but lousy lovers; fall for abusive partners; feel responsible to solve other people’s problems; always go for older guys/girls; want a younger partner; feel anxious when having sex; feel guilty when being sexual; find it difficult to express myself sexually; can’t achieve sexual fulfillment; experience anxiety when having sex.

These are just some of the relationship and sexual performance challenges that Colin will discuss. He will introduce you to the Imago philosophy and explain how our early life experiences can affect both our attractions to others and our subsequent sexual preferences, behaviours, desires and fears.