Cate Mackenzie is a Sex Therapist, Couples Counsellor and Workshop leader. She has been running workshops since 1998 on Opening the Heart and worked in six countries. She was the Dating Coach for Channel 4’s “The Undateables” and appeared on Channel 4’s “Kinky Britain” and BBC Radio 4’s “Women’s Hour”. She is passionate about pleasure and breath.

Embodied Flirting!

Why do some communications work well and others do not ! How can you stop friend-zoning people ? How is it possible to connect with someone in a warm and light way ? These are all tools you can learn to develop. Cate will give you a step by step guide on becoming irresistible, developing animal magnetism and realise the biggest keys to flirting are body, tone and pace (a huge per cent of communication is through the body). She will show you how to be more yourself, have fun, take the risk of reaching out to others (in a consensual way) and see flirting as a service to others. She will teach you the seven different stages of flirting, how to practice saying “hi” and how to create erotic practices which will enable better flirting. You will be guided how we affect each other through neural-WiFi and how stress hormones corrode relationships whereas pleasure hormones create them. 

 We will talk about how when we meet we meet nervous system to nervous system- we don’t meet who we are attracted to we meet who we are in our body. When you regulate yourself and flirt as a service to you and others you also give love to the world around you! Pleasure practice as a form of self-care and world-peace! How about that !