Alex Mill


Merging 10 years of filmmaking experience, with ongoing studies of Base-12 Spiritual Sexuality, Egyptian/Chinese/Indian Tantric practices, NLP, psychology and a dash of quantum physics, Alex has a unique way of navigating people through immersive co-creation. She has helped individuals and couples all around the world to identify their self-sabotaging and limiting personal narrative, and transform it into a Life Story they’re grateful to embody and proud to share.


This session will start peeling back layers of [mostly subconscious] conditioning and open up avenues for anyone to explore their sexuality, bodies, emotions, desires, without any preconception, judgement or fear. 

We will explore how the filmmaking and advertising industry is crafting our sexual identity, desires, fantasies, taboos, cultural norms, pressure points and overall sexual education through the stories we’re exposed to all day long.  From this exploration, we will learn some simple & practical tools that anyone can try will leave people feeling more empowered to craft their own story and get answers from their own bodies, rather than live in someone else’s fantasy.