A weekend of virtual community with advanced workshops and talks to:

  • Explore your boundaries
  • Explore your senses,
  • Learn how to find pleasure through your breath,
  • Discover what pleasure means to you,
  • Improve your relationship with your mind and body,
  • Explore the power of touch.

The festival offers an environment for you to explore what pleasure is to you and to get in touch with other attendees in one of our many breakout room sessions as well as the dedicated community hangout space.



This workshop will empower people to say yes to pleasure and highlight that their fantasies and desires are a part of who they are and shouldn’t be suppressed. We are all perfect in our uniqueness and whatever we are into is normal and there are a million other people out there who are into the same thing.

We will explore how allowing pleasure in every area of our life will help us to stronger more intense oragsm.

We will talk about the importance of pleasure in our everyday life and how it will lead us to a life of purpose and how that will move us towards our goals and dreams.

This workshop will contain practices to feel into your body for guidance and explore the importance of not letting the brain run your life.

This workshop will empower people to say yes to pleasure and highlight that their fantasies and desires are a part of who they are and shouldn’t be suppressed. We are all perfect in our uniqueness and whatever we are into is normal and there are a million other people out there who are into the same thing.

We will explore how allowing pleasure in every area of our life will help us to stronger more intense oragsm.

We will talk about the importance of pleasure in our everyday life and how it will lead us to a life of purpose and how that will move us towards our goals and dreams.

This workshop will contain practices to feel into your body for guidance and explore the importance of not letting the brain run your life.

This session will start peeling back layers of [mostly subconscious] conditioning and open up avenues for anyone to explore their sexuality, bodies, emotions, desires, without any preconception, judgement or fear. 

We will explore how the filmmaking and advertising industry is crafting our sexual identity, desires, fantasies, taboos, cultural norms, pressure points and overall sexual education through the stories we’re exposed to all day long.  From this exploration, we will learn some simple & practical tools that anyone can try will leave people feeling more empowered to craft their own story and get answers from their own bodies, rather than live in someone else’s fantasy.

Why do some communications work well and others do not ! How can you stop friend-zoning people ? How is it possible to connect with someone in a warm and light way ? These are all tools you can learn to develop. Cate will give you a step by step guide on becoming irresistible, developing animal magnetism and realise the biggest keys to flirting are body, tone and pace (a huge per cent of communication is through the body). She will show you how to be more yourself, have fun, take the risk of reaching out to others (in a consensual way) and see flirting as a service to others. She will teach you the seven different stages of flirting, how to practice saying “hi” and how to create erotic practices which will enable better flirting. You will be guided how we affect each other through neural-WiFi and how stress hormones corrode relationships whereas pleasure hormones create them. 

 We will talk about how when we meet we meet nervous system to nervous system- we don’t meet who we are attracted to we meet who we are in our body. When you regulate yourself and flirt as a service to you and others you also give love to the world around you! Pleasure practice as a form of self-care and world-peace! How about that!

Do you ask yourself…..
Why do I always meet the same type of guy /girl; end relationships the same way; feel afraid of commitment; feel in need of security; get great sex but lousy life partners; meet nice guys/girls but lousy lovers; fall for abusive partners; feel responsible to solve other people’s problems; always go for older guys/girls; want a younger partner; feel anxious when having sex; feel guilty when being sexual; find it difficult to express myself sexually; can’t achieve sexual fulfillment; experience anxiety when having sex.

These are just some of the relationship and sexual performance challenges that Colin will discuss. He will introduce you to the Imago philosophy and explain how our early life experiences can affect both our attractions to others and our subsequent sexual preferences, behaviours, desires and fears. 

As we enter the festival and welcome our guests and facilitators, we will be creating an atmosphere for exploration of the mind, body, heart and soul; inviting the opportunity to expand your capacity for pleasure. Join me as I guide you through a sensory awareness meditation creating a haven for the upcoming weekend that can be incorporated into a simple daily practice bringing pleasure consciously to the forefront of your life, able to integrate the weekend into the coming season and ease the inevitable changes of your world! Welcome, and Enjoy!”

In this workshop, we will learn about shame and come to realise how it manipulates our behaviour unless we build a good relationship with it.

As we learn about the essential nature of shame we will see how it unconsciously influences our lives through society, religion and family culture.  We will be invited to explore the kinds of things that shame us and be encouraged to identify any recognisable shaming messages we may have received.  When we sit with our shame and question it we will see how to tell the difference between toxic and healthy shame.  We will then take the first step to being free from toxic shame.

From this place, we will be invited to go into an experience to feel what it is like to be free from shame and hold the ground we have just won.  We will also learn about how healthy shame works to keep us congruent and integrated, with a brief introduction to identifying our core values.

Learning to touch ourselves, free from expectation is a valuable tool for increasing pleasure throughout our whole system. This can open us up to more of the bodies pleasure potential. Sex doesn’t have to be a genital focused experience, and we can learn first hand by starting our solo touch practice.

Did you know that relaxation is the key to pleasure? By learning to fully relax and come to be present in our bodies we are able to release blockages that are stopping us from experiencing our true pleasure potential. Tensions can form through unresolved emotions that we store in our bodies, and this stops our energy from flowing.

Energy flow is the key to experiencing pleasure. Babies will smile and giggle with pleasure at a simple touch, but often we cringe from touch simply because our bodies are so tense. There are three ways to remove tension from the body, breath, sound and movement.

In this session we will use breath and sound to learn to fully come into our bodies and to relax and allow the energy to flow. Through relaxation we are able to access our energy that flows through our meridians and it’s this flow that makes us feel revitalised, happy and pleasurable.

Did you know that to experience a full body orgasm, all you actually need to do is fully relax? Energy flows through relaxed tissues, it gets stuck in tense areas. A full body or energy orgasm is simply energy coursing through our meridians and body. Not only does having such a relaxed state allow us to feel great, it’s also incredibly healing.

When the body is stuck in flight or fight, we do not heal. By learning to switch our body into relax and enjoy mode, we are able to experience full pleasure and to heal our body at the same time.

How can we step away from the feelings of shame around our own bodies and own self-pleasure and learn the art of loving and mindful self-touch. We can learn new ways to approach our own bodies use our sexual energy to fuel ourselves without needing to give, or take, to be a voyeur or an exhibitionist,

Connecting intimately with yourself can nourish your soul and helps you connect with others in a healthier way also. Its about growth, healing, intimacy….AND pleasure!

Orgasmic yoga – if we haven’t fully explored our orgasmic potential in our own bodies, how can we then expect to be on our fullest expression of pleasure with a lover?

Our bodies are constantly overstimulated by the outside world, even more so in pleasure when we reach for porn or fantasy or our lovers bodies and reactions to turn us on or kick start our arousal. Instead we can tune into the subtle sensations in our bodies to reach heightened states of arousal. This sensation awareness can keep us living in a continually turned on state.

Bring oil.

No on-screen nudity.

Manifesting Goals, Anyone can do, in fact everyone. Using kundalini breath and dynamic movement to build the energy up and awaken kundalini energy, we go  through the chakras and connecting with all their elements as we go along, and then soak in the pleasure, touching and stroking ones self in adoration, I will be giving a sensual self love meditation, aligning all chakras and experiencing the connecting with the universal crown chakra opening to the universe and manifesting using our sexual energy to channel into creative power and send out to the universe in powerful waves of bliss.

Are you curious to know how others can read your psyche and patterns of reactions to life (you can learn this too!)?  Are you aware that our childhood experiences not only inform our outlook but also our physicality?  Did you know that Bioenergetics calls this collectively as our “Character?”  In reality our character is our social, adapted self, and can block and repress our spontaneous flow of life energy, including large amounts of our sexuality and creativity.

If you would like to know more about the above questions, then Jon and Elara will introduce some of Wilhelm Reich’s Bioenergetics character response types.  Wilhelm Reich, as a student of Sigmund Freud, is considered the Western originator of the science of Body Mind Psychotherapy looking at how our past experiences are held in our bodies and inform our reactions to life.  In the early part of last century Reich developed the concept of five primary character types which became a cornerstone of his therapeutic approach called Bioenergetics.

We prefer to call them character responses as typically no one is a single character type.  As individuals we are usually a blend of all of them but more often than not one or two of them are dominant and reveal our primary bodily, emotional and mental personality defence or posture towards life.

We will provide an overview of the character responses and how they relate to our capacity for pleasure.  Then we will invite you to explore a couple of the responses to experience how these holding patterns may be affecting your life and, in particular, your pleasure and desire.  It is through the lens of these character responses, we can get a deeper appreciation of our energetic holding patterns and how they relate to our capacity for pleasure.

Understand your body… your desire, your pleasure. Join this interactive workshop where you will enjoy a deeper understanding of how YOU come to pleasure and intimacy. Discover breakthrough techniques and practices for cultivating connection and arousal, confidence and safety, opening new worlds of pleasure and sexual satisfaction in your romantic life.

This workshop gives you  a chance to dive in deeply together and connect in a really playful way.  We begin with my signature philosophy on the nature of flirtation.  This highly interactive workshop consists of an experiential journey through the Chakras. Katarina combines large and small group dynamics which allow you  to experiment with different energies of connection. We will use breakout rooms to interact with each other and to practice working with each of these energies. As we reframe flirtation as “Attention without Intention” we learn to let go of attachment to outcome and shift the focus to how we can light the other person up and create juicy moments of connection with another beautiful soul.

This playshop will give you an enhanced map of your pelvic anatomy and an understanding of how important this area is for your health, wellbeing and above all pleasure! You will learn a unique series of exercises to awaken, isolate and tone the marvellous orchestra of interconnected muscles within your pelvic area. Using entertaining visual aids, catchy, specially composed music and simple breath and movement techniques you will be supported to connect with the many players in your pelvic team.

The playshop exercises have been developed from a wide variety of sources. These include yoga, taoist and other ancient traditional practices, Feldenkreis, modern physiotherapy, somatic sexology and other strands of scientific research on the pelvic floor. They are gentle and suitable for people of all ages and stages in life.

We end our Friday night in connection and community in conscious connection and authentic relating.  

Settle in for a connected evening as we navigate through consent and boundaries and tap into emotion and somatic response with others.  Maha will hold a safe container and provide guidance throughout with Maha awareness principles.

Sex is many things including serious, sensitive, and sacred. We get scared of sex and sexuality, and of feeling too much or being out of control. We need to find a way not to be scared of feeling, of pleasure, and of being silly.

We have simply forgotten how to play and how important it is to keep playing. In our pursuit of the sacred and profound, we might have even forgotten how to lighten up. Sex is many things – and fun is one of them!

In this session, Relationship Counselor & Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching will facilitate laughter, fun, play, and humor through multiple exercises to demonstrate how faking it or feeling is not a bad thing. There will be breakout rooms use and paired work option available. Come back to play and the pleasure of play.

In the 1960’s the human sexuality researchers William  Masters & Virginia Johnson (known as Masters & Johnson were wiring people up to read their responses to various levels of touch and sensations.  

This mental and physical information informed the sexuality field of the longing for contact and connection, called desire (mental).  They studied the cause of “turn-ons” that feed the physical need for contact and connection and called this building of the plateau (physical).  They followed this to the goal and release of orgasm which is then culminated by the resolution phase which informs us of the affects and whether or not we seek to repeat this cycle (emotions).  This scientific work proved one thing: the ageless truth of the ancient pearls of wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. Humanity is the gift of the opportunity to dance in a body fully engaged minus shame and guilt with a mind open to freedom and bliss that aligns with a spirit that transcends the supposed boundaries, and rises us to the ultimate connection to self and others. 

If you spend a lot of time in your head, it can be a real struggle to get into your body. Sensuality and embodiment can seem like giant leaps from a standing start… say nothing of participating in your first tantra festival or offering a partner sensual massage. If overthinking is in your nature, you don’t want to miss this workshops. In 90 minutes, you will take a tour of your senses in ways that are simple and accessible. You will leave this workshop with a greater sensual awareness and many ideas for how to incorporate sensual pleasure into every single day.