Rose’s background is in massage therapy and also as a teacher of ‘Heart in Motion’ therapeutic dance. She has been on a tantric journey since 2007 and has been a student and apprentice of John Hawken since 2014. During that time, she has facilitated workshops both in the UK and Australasia. Currently she lives in Brighton, UK and offers workshops and sessions with her husband, Jon.

Rose and Jon currently teach the PoT Lovemaking for Couples Training. 

In Classical Tantra, ‘the Goddess’ and ‘consciousness’ refer to the same thing: all that is, is one vast consciousness, the Goddess expressing Herself as you and I and everything else that exists. The deep recognition of this non-duality, as felt in sex, heart and spirit, is what we think of as Divinity.

In this workshop, we invite you to drop the layers of personality and ego which maintain the illusion of separation and enable us firstly to see the face of the god or goddess in our own faces and then to feel the truth that when we look into the face of another, this is simply the goddess mirroring our own divinity back to us. We will enable this recognition to happen through a series of beautiful exercises in which we learn to deeply attune to our own divine essence and to that of the others.This will be a ritual of heart-opening offered as a prelude to the rest of the festival.

Please bring a mirror to the workshop if you have one.

This workshop is suitable for all couples, whether physically or digitally together. We view your relationship as a ‘third’, a being which each of you seeks to nurture, protect and support. We have found that the fundamental key to relational nurturance is to relax deeply, and to feel the embodied presence of both ourselves and our be-loved in contact. This requires that we take time out of the schedule of our often hectic modern lives and discover how to ‘rest in the Other’. This workshop will give you the time and some straightforward ways of working towards this end. We will use simple ritual to create a sacred space. Following this, we will be using the principles of Tantric Presencing, a revolutionary new method of deepening relational contact combining breathwork, mindfulness, relaxation and energy work. Our intent is to help you deepen your emotional and physical sensitivity as each partner feels the other and reacts accordingly, generating an energetic flow of engaged mutual recognition.

Tantric Presencing is designed to:

  • Release that sense of physical and emotional ‘stuckness’ which blunts your sense of self.
  • Enhance your sense of aliveness which is so fundamental to authentic relating.
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and with your partner.
  • Develop your ability to feel your physical and energy bodies and those of your partner.
  • Encourage mindfulness and lovingkindness within your relationship, and beyond, into all walks of your life.

We intend for you to emerge refreshed, empowered to deepen your commitment to your relationship and with knowledge of how you can do this in daily practices which can be as brief as 10 minutes per day or as long as you have time for. Come and nourish your ‘third’.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring a warm blanket to nest in and a sense of curiosity and wonder.