John Hawken

John Hawken, the founder of the Paths of Transformation, draws on forty years’ experience of therapy, tantra, shamanism and shadow work.

He is considered one of the most experienced tantra teachers in Europe.

He demystifies spirituality with clear explanations and guidance how to navigate with awareness the world of energy within ourselves, around us, and beyond us.


Having entitled his work “the paths of transformation” and developed year long trainings in tantra, shamanism, bioenergetics, tantric massage, and a week long training in dark eros, John Hawken puts together the common understandings of the different paths’ approach to transformation and change. This session will spell out how to create transformation in your life, providing you wish to change, without reference to the content but in terms of structure.

Step one begins with accepting in what way you need to change, dropping ego and resistance, and finding the desire in you for the change {no one was ever motivated by the idea that they ought to change}.

Step 2 looks at {and tries out practically} different possibilities to raise our charge of energy or aliveness: breathing, movement, visualisation to move our energy out of stasis into flow.

Step 3 looks to expand ourselves, from the contraction of the physical body into the expansion of the energy body, from victimhood into agency, from fear into joy and bliss. We learn to identify ourselves more and more with being an energy body.

Step 4: Using our intent, we surrender to spirit and invite the transformation.

John will lead short exercises to try out each step.

At the end he will present the 25 steps to make transformation an ongoing part of our everyday lives. 

THE PURSUIT OF PLEASURE Through the Flowering tree

The pleasure principle is often rejected as selfish. If it is limited to our physical and sexual needs this can be true. Tantra teaches to connect pleasure of the body to pleasure of the heart and pleasure of the spirit. If we do this it becomes impossible to find pleasure in what could harm other people, be exploitative or abuse of all beings or the planet. As we seek our own liberation we seek the freedom of all beings. Shamanism calls this the beauty way. In tantra the principle is sat chit anand, truth is the consciousness of bliss. Only what is true, for us and for others, can bring real pleasure.

The chakras are the energy centres in the human energy body, and are a major key to experiencing ourselves not only as a physical body but realising that we are also an energy body or a body of fire or light. In the Hindu Buddhist systems there are seven chakras, but in the shamanic system there are twenty. Each chakra , or wheel, is a gateway into the perception of a particular aspect of experience.

The flowering tree meditation takes you through the first fifteen of these chakras, enabling you to expand your experience into extraordinary and magical realms and establish contact with the major powers of the universe. John Hawken leads this meditation with a shamanic drum to assist us in entering into an altered state of consciousness and opening our potential for experience and therefore for pleasure.

When John did this at the tantra festival in London people afterwards insisted that he warns that this meditation can take you very deep, as it is a powerful traditional practice. You have been warned…