I first became interested in personal development in 2004 when I completed a three-part course with the Landmark Forum, called the Curriculum For Living. I experienced the Landmark Forum as an extremely powerful and hard-hitting wake up call. I couldn’t fault the wisdom and practical logic of their life management strategy and realized that I alone had the power, and the responsibility to face my childhood wounding’s and create the life that I wanted. I decided to change the self-destructive patterns, self-limiting belief systems and ways of relating to the world that I had unconsciously adopted as a child.


The yab yum massage is a deceptively simple massage which can open many dimensions. At a base level it can be highly erotic for both parties and is an absolute sensual feast. And, as we develop our tantric capacity, this massage can allow to experience prolonged states of ecstatic flow. It is enjoyable as we both give and receive equally and it is a delightful prelude that very naturally leads into lovemaking if we desire. You will need: – a partner you are happy being very intimate with. This includes body to body contact but does not (need to) include penetration – A nest – Plenty of oil – Privacy, a space at home where you will not be disturbed – A warm room Join Jenni and Joe, ecstatic adventurers extraordinaire, and teaching partners on the Transformational Tantra Massage year long training as they share the delights of the Yab Yum massage with you and your partner.

This workshop is for couples of all genders and orientations. Couples will need to physically be in the same room as each other.