Jitka is currently co-teaching the year-long training in The Shamanic Path and The Tantric Path (Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit) with John Hawken.

 She also runs ceremonies, mainly the Stone People Ceremony and Tantric or Shamanic Wedding Ceremonies. 

Jitka is also a master of Tuina, Reflexology massage therapy and Art of touch in Vienna and a teacher of Tantra massage.


This meditation will help us to focus our intention on what we want to manifest and amplify it. It will also help to give direction and energy to our lives. It is good to crown every change with good intention. The intention is such a light on our new path. Then we are not so much dragged by fate, but led.  Spring with the awakening energy of nature gives very favorable conditions for sowing seeds, not only in the field, but also in our mind or consciousness. Let’s help it together, as we use this energy and create favorable conditions for sowing. Let’s sow the right intention in our consciousness together. In meditation we go through individual chakras and in each such energy center, which represents certain qualities of consciousness, we charge with energy the symbol or sigilum of our intention and then send it to the stars and let it work for us. In this session we also see how mantras work and how to amplify and support our desires.


As we explore the wheel we can notice which expressions are open symbols for us, we find them easy and natural to play with, and which are closed for us, so that we feel fear, shame or we are rejecting that expression.

If we can open all eight directions, and learn to play and find pleasure in them all, we not only enjoy more freedom of expression, but can find a balance of sexual expression. 

What we cannot play with controls us, as we are not in freedom but in fear with it.