Jenni is a leadership, life, and intimacy coach, blending clinical sexology with the energetic arts of Tantra, sacred femininity and shamanic transformation alongside leading edge tools in the field of personal development. She is a founding board member of ASIS, (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists), and teaches with The Paths of Transformation as well as her own events.


Rocket fuel. If you’re interested in sex to superconsciousness, in how to SkyDance here on earth, then you are likely to be very interested in this workshop.


Here you will discover how to build, harness and direct your life force energy, your sexual energy, which resides in our pelvic bowl, the grand residence of our kundalini serpent energy.

Through a series of practices we will  discover the aliveness of our pelvis and learn how to utilise and direct it for tantric and shamanic purposes, as well as to support the human desire for better sex! 

There’s a reason why rockets have boosters. Come discover your internal rocket boosters, both biologically and energetically – life is so much easier when you are firing on all cylinders 😊


This workshop does not require nudity and will include some exercises in pairs.  You can come with a partner or be paired up on arrival. 


Join Jenni Joy for her favourite Shamanic meditation. A powerful journey of inner revelation via the 20 count shamanic chakra system, which connects us with the twenty powers of the universe. It works both as an individual journeying process in its own right and can also be a powerful way to integrate some of the other experiences you have had during this festival. No prior experience required, just an open heart and mind and a desire to listen to the whisper of your soul. 

You will need: – A space where you won’t be disturbed and can sit and stand comfortably.