Freya Wolna – Sex & Life Coach, International Tantra teacher and a professional trainer with over 16 years of experience, Certified facilitator of OSHO meditations, certified professional Tantra Massage Therapist and Teacher.

Conducting transformational trainings for men, women and couples empowering the participants in areas of sexuality & relationships and developing their full potential.

She has been teaching the Professional Tantra Massage Trainings for several years, Tantra Women Workshops, and Shamanic sacred Sexuality workshops.

She is also devoted to work with the love medicine of Cacao during Ecstatic Cacao Mysteries creates unique spaces for healing through shamanic meditations, DJ-ing and body movement. Freya’s powerful presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create safe space for transformation and growth. Freya has been facilitating her own trainings as well in the following Tantric Schools: The Paths Of transformation (John Hawken), Tantra Woman (Santohsi, Spain) and Art of Love (Shachar Caspi, Israel) in their respective schools of Tantra.

Master Lover – Ecstatic touch 

Imagine that your partner is melting in your arms, saying that they have never had better sex than with you, that they can’t wait to see you to be close to you, imagine that you are in a relationship that is exciting, full of sex and support, that you make love as long and as often as you like, no matter how long you are together, how old you are and how deep and stronger the orgasms are. The lovemaking brings you more and more love, joy, satisfaction and pleasure. Imagine that your relationship is satisfying on every level: body, heart and spirit, and your intimate life is a deep, satisfying journey in friendship, freedom, and ever-deeper intimacy.

During this workshop you will learn how to take your partner to the world of pleasure and sexual bliss by the art of Tantra massage.

You will be

  • Learning your own pleasure and communicating it to your partner
  • Discovering the power of Presence and the power of Energy
  • Learning the art of ecstatic touch
  • Learning how to be creative in the bedroom and beyond.
  • Discovering the secrets of how a man and a woman wants be loved

This experimental workshop uses Art of Tantra Massage, Intimate communication and the power of sacred circle.
You can do this workshop either with a partner or by yourself.

It is time for us women to reclaim our sexual power by putting the attention in our bodies and allowing ourselves to truly feel….
Tantra brings together sex, heart and spirit.
Through conscious body-awareness combined with dynamic, tantric meditation, we can access a blissful state of being and regain the means for our own sexual pleasure. Let us become naked together. It’s time to liberate ourselves and celebrate the wildness, the tenderness, the ferociousness and the beauty that we are. Let us claim back our power: Let us learn how to surrender into cosmic orgasm, laugh in ecstasy and cry tears of joy at the beauty that we hold within us.
When we are in our feminine power and authentic, life becomes orgasmic. We become orgasmic!

Some of the benefits of this process:

  • Awaken your sensitivity and sensuality
  • Discover the power and nourishment of your emotions
  • Heal the blockages to full sexual expression
  • Rediscover your immense capacity for pleasure
  • Experience the Power of the Sacred Circle of women.

Freya has been facilitating Tantric workshops for women for several years.
Workshop for women only, nudity optional.