I’m Elara – a certified tantra massage practitioner and tantra teacher, a trained sexologist, somatic educator and reiki energy healer. I’m passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body and their energy rather than experiencing primarily through the conditioned mind.

I’m co-founder of Sacred Light Tantra, Sacred Light Community and The Pathways Studio, Manchester, UK and also a member of the teaching faculty at The Paths of Transformation. I teach yearlong programmes together with Jon Gosling, in:

  • Transformational Tantra Massage, for those who want to expand their massage skills and pleasure and also those who would like to practice professionally. For details see www.transformationaltantramassage.co.uk
  • Bio-Energetics – for those who would like to explore more therapeutically their energy and aliveness. For details see: www.sacredlightttantra.com



Opening your heart is a key aspect of opening yourself to the energy of life.  In this session Jon and Elara will introduce a heart opening transformational tantra massage and explain how how your relationship with pleasure and aliveness can be transformed using it. They will then invite you into an experience of expanding your heart relationship with yourself using various tantric self-massage practices.

The amount of clothing you wear in this session will be entirely up to you and for the massage element you have the option to have your camera on, off or pointed away from you.

Elara teaches a yearlong programme of Transformational Tantra Massage, together with Jon, for those that want to expand their massage skills and pleasure and also those who would like to practice professionally.  For details see: www.transformationaltantramassage.co.uk

 Please bring:

  • A candle (and a means of lighting it) for ceremony
  • Towels (one big size to sit on, and one small size)
  • Your favourite massage Oil (coconut, olive, almond, sesame…)
  • A means of warming your oil if that is your preference eg candle or hot waterlara

Pleasure and Desire - A Bio-Energetic Approach

Are you curious to know how others can read your psyche and patterns of reactions to life (you can learn this too!)?  Are you aware that our childhood experiences not only inform our outlook but also our physicality?  Did you know that Bioenergetics calls this collectively as our “Character?”  In reality our character is our social, adapted self, and can block and repress our spontaneous flow of life energy, including large amounts of our sexuality and creativity.

If you would like to know more about the above questions, then Jon and Elara will introduce some of Wilhelm Reich’s Bioenergetics character response types.  Wilhelm Reich, as a student of Sigmund Freud, is considered the Western originator of the science of Body Mind Psychotherapy looking at how our past experiences are held in our bodies and inform our reactions to life.  In the early part of last century Reich developed the concept of five primary character types which became a cornerstone of his therapeutic approach called Bioenergetics.

We prefer to call them character responses as typically no one is a single character type.  As individuals we are usually a blend of all of them but more often than not one or two of them are dominant and reveal our primary bodily, emotional and mental personality defence or posture towards life.

We will provide an overview of the character responses and how they relate to our capacity for pleasure.  Then we will invite you to explore a couple of the responses to experience how these holding patterns may be affecting your life and, in particular, your pleasure and desire.  It is through the lens of these character responses, we can get a deeper appreciation of our energetic holding patterns and how they relate to our capacity for pleasure. 


In this session Elara will take us through an integration of our journey over the last two days.  We will reflect on what we will take away from the festival and what our next steps are in The Pursuit of Pleasure.  

We finish the festival with celebration, gratitude, integration and reflection of our journey with pleasure over the weekend.