Psychoanalyst and sex therapist, Bernard Pouey is an Adventurer of Love and Libido, whose practice, nourished by several major therapeutic currents, brings together the Mental, Emotional and Physical dimensions.  His meeting with John Hawken was a revelation of the potential that was possible in adding the Energetic dimension as the golden path to transformation and healing.

In the Tantra workshops and courses that he runs mainly with his partner Christina Zelzner, he is committed to creating and embodying a space of security and freedom in which Energy and Consciousness can meet, mirror and intertwine through the ever-renewed experience. In this way, each can tame their intimacy, explore the  potential of the relationship to oneself, the relationship to others and the relationship to the world. In this way, each can choose and fully embody their participation to the world.

Bernard Pouey is a member of the Freudian Federation of Psychoanalysis (FFDP), and a graduate of the Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Training Centre (CFPP).

He has also trained in the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) of healing from developmental traumas of Dr. Larry Heller and has experimented with Dr. Willem Poppeliers’ Sexual Grounding Therapy (SGT), an experiential group therapy aiming at recovering a mature psychosexual development.

He currently teaches Tantra in John Hawken’s Path of Transformation.

In this workshop, you are invited to fully invest your body and honour it as an expression of the divine that manifests itself in your flesh.

In our society we learn to “judge” our body only in relation to its image, according to narrow criteria of beauty. This reductive way of “seeing” our body leads us to feel shame and cuts us off from the sensations of our body and its capacity to feel pleasure.

We will guide you through a ritual that allows you to connect with your body and its sensations, to open up to its sacred dimension and to honour yourself.

You will

  • Overcome the “shame” of your body
  • Learn to connect to your sensations
  • Learn how to circulate your sexual energy through simple techniques
  • Connect to your divine nature which is incarnated in your body

You will need :

  • An intimate space where you are not disturbed and which is warm enough
  • Massage oil
  • Be near a full length mirror
  • A large tissue to cover your full lengh mirror
  • A lungi
  • A blind-folder
  • A good quality sound device connected to your computer in order to be able to listen to the sacred music that will support the ritual

We will invite you take your clothes off during the workshop. However, it is possible to benefit from the workshop while remaining clothed and you can also remove your clothes and just keep your camera on your face.