Heart Opening Tantra Massage – Jon and Elara

Jon Gosling
Jon Gosling

Opening your heart is a key aspect of opening yourself to the energy of life.  In this session Jon and Elara will introduce a heart opening transformational tantra massage and explain how  your relationship with pleasure and aliveness can be transformed using it. They will then invite you into an experience of expanding your heart relationship with yourself using various tantric self-massage practices.

The amount of clothing you wear in this session will be entirely up to you and for the massage element you have the option to have your camera on, off or pointed away from you.

Jon and Elara teach a yearlong programme of Transformational Tantra Massage in the UK, for  those that want to expand their massage skills and pleasure and also those who would like to practice professionally.  For details see: www.transformationaltantramassage.co.uk

Shakti Elara

Please bring:

  • A candle (and a means of lighting it) for ceremony
  • Towels (one big size to sit on, and one small size)
  • Your favourite massage Oil (coconut, olive, almond, sesame…)
  • A means of warming your oil if that is your preference eg candle or hot water

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14:00 GMT - 15:45 GMT

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Date: 28-Feb-21
  • Time: 06:00 UTC - 07:45 UTC