Transform Your Shadow into Life Force and Freedom – Jan Komeda

Jan Komeda
Jan Komeda


An opportunity to enter the exploration of your shadow ONLINE. This is an introductory workshop on the issue of personal shadows, which is an ideal introduction for all who want to discover how fundamental the shadow has on us. According to many, our subconscious affects more than 90% of our lives, although we still try to develop our lives primarily through consciousness and intellect. Therefore, we need to start working with methods that can work with formulas stored deep in our subconscious. This evening is great for everyone who cares about unlocking their full life force and gaining real personal freedom, and yet they are hesitant to embark on this journey.

You will learn what the theory is from C.G. Jung, shamans or tantric springs. In simple yet powerful exercises, you will understand what procedures to work with yourself. Until you understand your shadows, you may be shouting at your partner for no apparent reason, you may use physical or psychological violence against your children, your subordinates… The more we suppress something, the stronger and more often we explode uncontrollably we become dull, become apathetic, and cut off from our life energy. The main reason to explore your shadows, conscious BDSM and Dark Eros is very simple. It will help us to release a huge source of life energy, which many people in themselves, thanks to social conventions and fears, suppress. At the same time as suppressing our shadows, we also suffocate liveliness and a powerful source of strength.

We need to experience the difference between repression and experiencing it in an appropriate form. An example is a woman who does not control her feelings and moods, because of which she prefers to dull and become a tame, but with calming all her wonderful liveliness disappears. Some men are so afraid of their raw masculine power for a change that they will completely suppress it and remain in the role of a “good boy.” They do not have enough strength and courage for the challenges facing their women, work and the world around them. They lose their appeal and fail to make full use of their abilities.

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14:00 GMT - 15:30 GMT

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 27-Feb-21
  • Time: 09:00 UTC - 10:30 UTC