Rozpoznávání Božského: Ve vás, ve mně, v nás - Jon a Rose

Rose Skelton Pearson

In Classical Tantra, ‘the Goddess’ and ‘consciousness’ refer to the same thing: all that is, is one vast consciousness, the Goddess expressing Herself as you and I and everything else that exists. The deep recognition of this non-duality, as felt in sex, heart and spirit, is what we think of as Divinity.

In this workshop, we invite you to drop the layers of personality and ego which maintain the illusion of separation and enable us firstly to see the face of the god or goddess in our own faces and then to feel the truth that when we look into the face of another, this is simply the goddess mirroring our own divinity back to us. We will enable this recognition to happen through a series of beautiful exercises in which we learn to deeply attune to our own divine essence and to that of the others.This will be a ritual of heart-opening offered as a prelude to the rest of the festival.

Jon Skelton Pearson

Please bring a mirror to the workshop if you have one.


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10:00 GMT - 11:45 GMT

Místní čas

  • Časové pásmo: America/New_York
  • Datum: 27-Úno-21
  • Čas: 05:00 UTC - 06:45 UTC